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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
marriage equality, i think it is constitutionally guaranteed with the civil-rights of the '60s. >> host: john is the independent. >> caller: mr. johnson mr. johnson, the only problem i have is about the tax issue. our taxes have never been set up to be fair. originally for the rich to pay them majority of taxes in federal taxes and a working class or poor would pay the majority of there's of homeowners gomez city, and state taxes. my problem with a fair tax is we're on a fixed income. the states will have to have such a high tax rate because the federal government has such a low were one. if someone buys a refrigerator at $700 there will be the $100 tax. that is the problem. the only when it will hurt are the people that are retired, disability, and the things like that. otherwise i am in completely in line with you. i voted for ron paul. i voted for paul brown. i cannot remember what year he ran. i voted for ross perot once. i am very open-minded better watch things closely. >> host: thank you for calling. gary johnson and the reaction? >> guest: by going to a national consumption tax
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
credence to this profile in terms of civil society, in terms of supporting women's rights in syria and across the region. but i haven't spoken with her recently, but i suspect perhaps the same thing happen to her. the kool-aid of power just as the sade. they became much more comfortable and they are stuck now. she is stuck. what can she do? she has to support her husband and the regime response to this. i do believe that bashar and his supporters and even his wife believe they are doing the right thing. that is their conceptual paradigm, which is different from anybody else. they think they are saving the country and they really believe it and have been consistent with this. we think it is a misdirection and denial to everything else going on. but in my view, i believe they really think they are saving the country because that is what they believe their rest is from a mandate to rule. >> host: author david lesch who wrote the book "syria: the fall of the house of assad." you've written other books. as you are saying that the president and a slight back in 2004. next, back to mark.
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, yemen is expressed their will in providing or in niending -- finding a solution or avoiding the civil war, and, therefore, yes, yemen voted yes for a peaceful state. civil state, mod enstate, that is based on rule of law and respect of the rights of which allow us to get into the second phase and to implement what's left of the political solution and get the yemen out of the bottleneck and to make it less safely, and we have law -- draft law of the transition that will assist in solving all the bloodshed and all the conflicts, and we still in need of the political and economic assistance that we'll help -- will help us a lot in implementing all the other segments of the gulf initiative, and this is why the yemen people are looking for. we got tired of conflicts of wars, and now and through the national dialogue that we are preparing for in order to get this dialogue as soon as possible so we will have a blueprint of a prosperous yemeni based on future freedom and equality and through good governess by reforming the administration and combat corruption and focus on development, and we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3